Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Score Samples

Hey hey,

Not much to say this week but, I'm working on my new 2nd half of my film, which can be seen in storyboard format by CLICKING HERE.

I've been a little sick, which just makes me tired which is no fun, so I'm trying to deal with that while I animate and draw backgrounds all bloody day every single day. I've already cut some scenes of my new ending, but I'm TRYING SO DAMN HARD TO FINISH IT LIKE IT IS THERE.

I've realized that my panther has become the fun character to animate, and the tiger is SO borrrrrrring, that I will certainly be toning his animation down, making it more limited, thus saving myself time.

Not much else to say besides I'm working hard hard hard.

Oh. Here's a score sample. I'm meeting with my composer tomorrow to go over more specifics!


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