Thursday, February 3, 2011

No I don't work for the CIA.... (But why do you ask?)

Because I shall not be uploading any completed scenes to this blog. "WHATS THAT?!" you bellow (in disgust), "I COME TO THIS BLOG FOR UPDATES, NOT NOT UPDATES. WHAT GIVES?"

"Well, dearly devoted reader," I coolly reply, "Because two things; 1. A lot of these scenes are going to look awesome, and I don't want to ruin the surprise by having you, the dearly devoted reader/fan of The Tiger, see the great scenes out of order and not feeling the full effect when the film is completed that a viewer should have, and 2. Because if too much finished film comes up to this blog, then I might lose the chance to enter it in a lot of festivals, and I don't want that to happen, but, run-on-sentences aside, I will of course continue to post fully-rendered screen shots of the film, so your excited momentum does not falter away like the fat on Peter O'Toole's body -

Oh, old age. Still's got them blue eyes though (wink wink ladies)!

- and trust me, it will not because I have a slew of shots to render tomorrow and then I will have more and more after that and I will sit in my ivory tower watching finished clips bellowing with 'awe' so loudly that you will hear and your interest will remain in my grasp; but of course I must tell you new things I have done this week - 1st, I changed my work schedule a bit, because I was getting quite bored animating the laboratory, so I decided to do some more fun things for a bit and then I'll get back to it; example A) I am working on the 'flashback' sequence that I talked about last week, and then I am going to move into working on the shots in 'The Nether', and all those will come out soon and be super neat I hope- also my animation has new found life and for (you got it!) two reasons; 1) Andreas Deja came to talk the other day and watching him draw always inspires me, and 2) I have decided to do all my animation straight-ahead, instead of pose-to-pose ( I started animation with stop motion, which is straight ahead, and that is how I learned to emulate movement, so naturally working in my 'native tongue' makes it all look much better) and its true, because my new scenes I've been doing move with much more 'acting' than the previous ones - sure it takes more time to clean up and I have to watch masses more, but the animation will be much better, maybe I'll be kind (rewind) and post one finished shot with my upgraded technique soon - all I know is I'm having so much more fun and finding so much more motivation doing all my animation straight ahead; and any ways on that note, I have nothing much else to say this week (except for 2 things, duh), 1) Peep the picture at the top of the post, thats from the flashback, that I am working on right now, and 2) run on sentences this long are REALLY HARD TO WRITE.


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