Thursday, February 17, 2011

A gravely serious message of vast importance.

This week I thought it would be fine,
To write my blog post in a rhyme.
So now proceed to be filled in
on thesis Tiger production.

[rhyme scheme changes here]

I've become quite the workaholic
working mornings into night.
Ne'er is there time for hobbies,
laundry, eating, fun at night...

For committed I've become
to working in my cubicle.
In dirty clothes, I sit and hum
while drawing my worn pencil.

By now I know that I've amassed
'bout 2 minutes of my final renders.
Except one scene needs one more pass
to put reflections in a cars mirrors.

For difficulties I shall note
the scene where a car drives ahead
It was difficult to composi(o)te
into the scene, live action foot'ge.

Because the car drives very still
and footage shot was rather shakey
I might reshoot, but what a pill,
In truth, I'm feeling slightly lazy.

Alas! Some good news I can share
I woke up the other morning
And thought "this lab scene's much to bare,
and frankly, rather boring."

So out I took my pad and pen
and dreamed of a new sequence
I storyborded it; and then -
I went to work with frequence.

And happily I can announce
after nights of different sleep
my sleep schedule is back intact
and the sequence near complete!

There's just about 6 shots left now,
They're passing rather quickly.
And I'll be done with .5 of my film
and keep chuggin' on redic'sly.

So, now I guess this poem is done,
for things are quite on track,
I will post changes in full detail soon
Along with pics and facts!


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  1. Ha! I'm glad the poetry muse haunts your sleepless world. I'm looking forward to seeing what you've animated.