Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ensemble Fights.

This is a week of a lot of posts, but maybe that's just because I'm trying to make the best film possible and have to tell y'all about it!

Looking at my boards, Sean Manning gave me a good idea that is also foreshadowing that I will work in, especially since I need to re-stage the one shot that he commented on, because its awful. So good thing that that is about to be sorted.

So Malcolm and Julius rescue the father and barrel out of that cave lickety split. Then they are surrounded by ghosts and that is when the fight breaks out.

So since there are three of them, and too many ghosts to keep track of, naturally, I will have to get myself some experience with ensemble fights and other shots of things I want to happen and how they should come about in a well directed way.

I'm bustin full of ideas. Here it comes.

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