Sunday, December 5, 2010

Some turnarounds among other things

I realize the Panther's hands are a little weird. But here are some turnarounds, a size comparison for our 3 'main character's' and a lil bit of prop design.

Tomorrow what I would like to accomplish besides completing a plethora of backgrounds, would be 'expression sheets' for Panther and Tiger, and lighting/color charts of using one pose from the model sheet of each and lighting it as I feel they would be lit in each different location and setting, so we can get a good idea of the color feels. There is 'outside', 'exorcism room', 'lab', and 'other universe/dimension. So expect 4 lighting styles for each character. Just idea's though, in final composite it's bound to change a little.

Like they did for Princess and the Frog, I am going to flat shade all characters with the same colors, and then hue/saturation/light/shading/glow adjust them in After Effects for each different locale. Should make transitions easier too.

Then I need to re-cut my animatic, making the few changes that I have made and incorporating MARK DONICA's brilliant dialogue as the father. Then it's really just backgrounds and animation from here on out. At least.... I hope.

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