Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rember, Rember, It's F'nally November

So I've been watching "The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride" lately. "Why?" The 1 devoted reader asks. Well, because, the animation isn't that great and it sets me a slight goal to shoot for, since it has less of an "OMG HOW WAS THSI MADE!?!??!" that the Lion King (1) offers. Secondly because I like the music. Third, all my animals are cats, so it is kind of giving me ways to go about doing things. and Fourth(ly)because THIS SONG IS LEGIT.

Poor Kovu. He's a lil lion yet he has to grow up to kill Simba, even though he doesn't want to.

But I digress.

Besides watching TLK2:SP - I FIXED MY CINTIQ so I am BACK. ON. TRACK.

Boy, what a pain in the @$$ process that was. I've told the story many times so what it essentially boiled down to was I bought an S-video cable - and a USB cable - then I snipped the head off the S-video and the USB and I soldered the two together matching the wires by colors. Then I wrapped in in electrical tape, prayed - then turned it on.

It worked perfectly.

Now if only I didn't also blow 100$+ bucks on crap that didn't work in this process.

**NOTE** If anyone stumbles on this blog looking for info on how to make this S-Video to USB cable for a CINTIQ 15x email me @ Ezra.Edmond@gmail.com and I will be happy to go into full detail so you can get you cintiq up n running again**

So then I threw out the previous stuff I had animated - the roughs that I never posted because they were awful, and after watching them again - I realized they were still awful. But I've been animating like a BEAST lately. Animating and coloring and I'm about 6 shots deep already - animated and colored - with just shading and Bg's left to go.

I'll post them soon.

I've begun working on an animatic (yay, right?) So when that's done I'll post the animatic with the completed animation cut in already.

I still need to find someone to provide the 2 lines that the Father says - but that's not a HUGE PRESSING ISSUE right now. Other than that all is well. Next update will contain a lot more.

Come on Tiana - we're ALMOST THERE. (I will overuse this link- so be prepared)

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