Thursday, November 25, 2010

Family Portraits

So over the past few days I have been knocking out backgrounds like crazy. I've figured out a new method that I will explain more in the next post which will be much much larger and feature a lot of cool new work and process's.

In the meantime, the Tiger's fathers desk requires some family photos and such. I did four of them, to put on his desk, to establish a past and a world a bit. They will hardly be seen, but I'm still proud of them. Here they are.

Now stop reading this and get your bum to the theater to see Tangled, which is fantastic and opened yesterday. If you've seen it already - go see it again. How's that sound?

As to the animatic - I've cut the scene where the Panther inhales the castle - so now they just find the Dad tied up, sitting on the cliff, and I've changed the ending because in pre-screenings, people didn't understand the importance of the ring. You'll see all those changes reflected soon. Also, some staging and other random stuff has changed too. All will be made clear soon!

Huge post about backgrounds, shots, and world design to follow soon. This is all super exciting- look forward to it! :D