Monday, October 18, 2010

You're TEARING me APART, Lisa!

This week makes me feel like:



Like this.

But mostly.

Like this.

Well, the week began with a wondrous start. I recorded Mr. Rocky Collins and Mr. Wilder Shaw (Shan't link to them again. I've linked to them enough in past posts). The recording went swimmingly. I've got Wilder in two roles and it's impossible to tell - and on top of that, Rocky gave his own wild performance that I can't WAIT to animate to, because it's just so damn quirky.

"What?" You, the loyal and consistent reader of this blog says, "I thought you were handsome and ready to go in every way!"

And the answer is. I WAS. (Well, I'm still handsome). But, after all the recording I hurried up to my cubicle to begin work. And I did this. It took a few hours but I love it.

Ps. The sync is a lil' off, but that has since been fixed.

"Is it gone? For good?" Roughs from Ezra Edmond on Vimeo.

So. I love that. And I wanted to do more and more. BUT MY CINTIQ CABLE BROKE. UGH. AND IT HAS BEEN UDDER HELL TRYING TO GET A NEW "S-video to USB" or a "Mini din 8 to USB". Like. Bloody. Impossible.

SO. I ordered an S-Video cable off amazon and adapter. Should have arrived already, but Amazon lost it. So, they are sending it again. Hopefully it gets here. Then I ordered an 8 pin Din and USB adapter off some other site. But that still hasn't arrived. I went to 3 electronic stores, including FRYS (Which has never been helpful in my experience), and this is just plain frustrating now. I have more to rant about, but hopefully in the next 2 days I will have my Cintiq working again, and nothing to complain about - at least for a while.

So in the meantime, I've been working out shots, and editing all of my audio. That is going well. Just wish I could have been animating all this week instead of watching time drip through my hands like those artificial hands dripped through Edward Scissorhands blades.

I'll post the sound cut / with some animation n such for y'all soon.

I feel like I'm the little kid here and this counter is the thesis which I am attempting to work on. It is difficult to reach when these guys keep getting in my way.

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