Monday, October 4, 2010

Maquettes and Other Things That Amuse

Hey Everyone,

So this week I was focusing on building a maquette of the Panther head (See below) because he is a little bit of a pain-in-da-bum to draw. I'm actually quite happy how the maquette turned out. Except for the fact that he is slightly off model, and looks a lil like Joe Camel - he will be very helpful for me to reference. I hadn't built anything out of clay in a while, but now I'm almost tempted to do one of the Tiger too, just because he was so much fun to make.

Now on top of that. This week I retyped the script, because the copy I was working with got way too out of hand with improper formatting and well... all my storyboards in the margins.


Now, while I will keep boarding on the printed one, the rewritten one will be much better for my own reference, as well as the references of the actor that I am recording on Saturday. Which is to break the news to y'all that Wilder Shaw (Who is also doing my score as of now), will be providing the voice of THE TIGER and THE OLD MAN. We will be recording on Saturday, and then you will be able to hear the lines applied to the new animatic that will be up and running properly soon (I apologize for not having one already).

Also, I've begun doing PRINCIPAL ANIMATION. Mainly rough key-frames. I think I'll go through the whole film in roughs and then tween it all, and then clean it all up/color - and as soon as the school gets the GenArts Sapphire plugins working for After Effects, I will be doing shading and all other sorts of lovely touches like that.

I'll post roughs eventually. As soon as I have a sequence roughed out and it's something worth all your time in watching.

As far as difficulties go, I am still trying to kick the MineCraft addiction, and other school work, as well as editing Single (My feature live-action film). Those things are just occupying my time - and all of them have business being there, that is except for the Minecraft chore. That game has got to go.

I also met with Tom Sito this week to touch up a part in my story that wasn't anywhere near as dramatic as it should be. Changes have been made.

So now. Finally. For your reading pleasure, I present the new and improved script for 'THE TIGER'.

Enjoy. (Download Link - Too much text to include in this post)


Now, Enjoy something completely different and still totally wonderful.

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