Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Hello folks it is Tuesday.

Sorry this post is a little late. This week, I worked on Panther expressions which was neither easy nor hard, and then got pretty much distracted the rest of the weekend. A wasted weekend is a terrible thing to have.

I'm trying to work on some backgrounds or concept are right now - which should be up tonight. At least a color script and some concept at will be up soon.

Then I am working on final animation as well as boarding out unfinished scenes and working here n there on the animatic. You should be seeing some cool stuff on here in the next couple of hours - especially since the WACOM tablet is now calibrated to work on this computer I can get some stuff done, and give the cintiq a lil rest.

THE HARDEST THING NOW is not to get distracted. I downloaded this video game the other day. Minecraft And I haven't been able to stop playing. which is not good news. I MUST PUT THIS GAME DOWN MORE OFTEN SO THAT I CAN work. Otherwise - there will be big problems in the future of thesis production.

But this world is perfect. and in a perfect world, everything gets done perfectly - on time - and is met with thunderous applause and jobs handed out like candy corn after Halloween.

perfect world, right?


Just ask Tom Jones.

Nah, I'll have some art for y'all to feed your eyes on later.


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