Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Color Script

Though you have not yet read the real script... why not just stare at it for a while?


See if you can figure it out!


Hello folks it is Tuesday.

Sorry this post is a little late. This week, I worked on Panther expressions which was neither easy nor hard, and then got pretty much distracted the rest of the weekend. A wasted weekend is a terrible thing to have.

I'm trying to work on some backgrounds or concept are right now - which should be up tonight. At least a color script and some concept at will be up soon.

Then I am working on final animation as well as boarding out unfinished scenes and working here n there on the animatic. You should be seeing some cool stuff on here in the next couple of hours - especially since the WACOM tablet is now calibrated to work on this computer I can get some stuff done, and give the cintiq a lil rest.

THE HARDEST THING NOW is not to get distracted. I downloaded this video game the other day. Minecraft And I haven't been able to stop playing. which is not good news. I MUST PUT THIS GAME DOWN MORE OFTEN SO THAT I CAN work. Otherwise - there will be big problems in the future of thesis production.

But this world is perfect. and in a perfect world, everything gets done perfectly - on time - and is met with thunderous applause and jobs handed out like candy corn after Halloween.

perfect world, right?


Just ask Tom Jones.

Nah, I'll have some art for y'all to feed your eyes on later.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

MORE CHARACTERS (have been designed)....

Alright. Without further ado, here is the rest of the characters in the film! Like before these are the character's heads/faces with the exception of "The Beasts" (1&2), which are full body right here. The Nurse has just one expression 'cause she is literally there only for a shot (and an establishing one). As to "The Beasts", they all run in a pack and will be surrounded by dust and other particles (see previous post). They are also transparent, spectral like creatures, and the tail on the 4-legged one, as well as the 'hair'/ 'tail' on the bird, will be represented with green fire - not shoddy line work. the water around the sharks fin might also be done with particles. Whichever is easier when the time comes to it.


Partial Particles!

Well, I got my Particle effects software up n running. Meaning I don't have to animate EVERY DARN cloud of dust in this film, which really is a miracle, as there is a lot.

Well. That's all for now.

No picz.

Sorry, sports.

A car that drives and a snake that ... runs?

So, surprise! There is another shot of the car driving! I love moving camera shots so essentially this shot is the same 3D Maya car model, rendered with a 'Toon Shader', and the entire world around it was constructed after in After Effects. I used all of the same assets that I had made in Photoshop for the previous shot, with the inclusion of the yellow road lines now.

It was extremely difficult to transition from an above 2D, to a 3D driving shot, especially making the rain and snow particles transition in a pseudo 3D environment. It would likely have been easier to do the whole shot in Maya, but the car model is broken, so it can't actually move. Every shot of it moving, is actually a camera moving around a still model, making it 'look' like it is actually going somewhere. I am very happy how it turned out -even though it is still in progress - I need to do a few touch ups here and there, when I've got time (small things to be dealt with after the bulk of the rest of the film is animated n finished). However, I think I'm finally done with this bloody 3D car model. It's really been a pain in the bum, and now I can start moving on to 2D character animation and effects.

Panning Over the Car from Ezra Edmond on Vimeo.

(P.s. In the final film, after the camera zooms into the car, it will fade into the next scene, right now, the continued animation after the camera passes through the car window is just material waiting to be cut).


Here's a gif. As with the other, right click --> save as and then drag it into your browser or ... gif player (do those exist) to play it properly. I guess this is technically the first piece of finished character animation. It's a snake, as part of the group of ghostly animals that chase Tiger and Panther towards the climax of the film. In the next coming days, you will see the other spectral animals, as well as final rendered shots of them.

(P.s. The red lines around the snake are just construction lines that will not be present in the final shots. Ignore them.)

As far as I'm concerned that's enough to update you all with now, but I am trying to work a few more CG influenced shots into the ending to really kick the climax up to the next level. There will DEFINITELY be one or two epic camera moves that just need to be figured out plausibly. Can't live just on Pan's and Zoom's alone, right?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Tiger POSTER (Kind of)

So here is a Poster/ Character sheet thingy. The Panthers chest is not a buffed n bulky as it's sposed to be, otherwise everyone is pretty accurate. I've been drawing the characters n moving them around a lot. So this is who you will see fighting ghosts and other spectral apparitions soon!

The Tiger - COLOR

No voice has been cast yet, but here he is fully colored!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Well maybe not.... "ever"

But the first role in this film has been cast.

Laddies and Lassies meet the voice of "The Panther"...


So now... I present.... THE PANTHER

Sunday, September 12, 2010


And well suited, it's the opening shot.

Opening Shot - The Tiger from Ezra Edmond on Vimeo.


It' Maya and After Effects.... with a hint of Photoshop.

I guess anyone can cook.

Friday, September 3, 2010

An Update (of sorts)

I know I already updated once this week, but let me give a lil follow up to address the following questions. Ain't no rule about updating twice in a week.

1. What was the most difficult part of your production process this week? You cannot say “nothing”. If you feel it’s been an exceptionally easy week, dig deeper and think about one thing you could improve upon.

Most difficult part of my production process this week was working on the run cycle I did (see below) and coming up with more general 'look' development that will be posted soon. I am shifting the color pallet from brown and red/orange to Purple and Green - akin to "Friends on the Other Side" from The Princess and the Frog.



2. What was the most interesting, fun or successful part of your production process this week? Did you stumble upon a time saving technique? Did you finally master that walk cycle? Did you accomplish something you are especially pleased with?

I am rather proud of the run cycle I did this week (see below again), though I was given some good notes on how to improve it. And I am proud of my character redesigns that I've been working on. I also modeled the Car in Maya, and toon shaded it which looks pretty darn 'the part' as well. I'll post up some pic-a-tures soon.

Anyways... that is all. At ease readers.

The best part of waking up is Nick Frost in your cup! :D