Monday, August 30, 2010

A Challenger Approaches!!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Here is the new character. THE PANTHER.

He's a tough type, knows his stuff and is past his prime. (Essentially that kid moose character but all grown up now and not a moose anymore at all).

Here is some test animation of him running. I like how it came out, though I'll obviously have to work on my consistencies a bit. Timing wise, thus far I can dig it.

(You may have to click on it to play it, if not save the image and open it in a new window in your web browser.)

Surely more tomorrow. Till then.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Working Working Working.

New work space. USC SCB Cubicle. Lovely. Feel like its my own studio.

Eric Stirpe in fact has taken to calling it the studio.

I shall do that too.

I am in the studio.

Writing and doing character designs as we speak.

I even have a lil mirror so I can look at my own expressions and replicate them... much like a young an alive Ward Kimball.

Soon there will be visual updates. Hopefully later today.

No. No hopefullys.

Later today.