Sunday, June 27, 2010

Backgrounds The Lab Part 4

Destruction begins.

Yes, the lab could probably use a little more clutter or something. That will likely be added later, when I think a little more about props n such. I already see that I need to include the shelf that he keeps the lightning sword on, so perhaps that, some more, shelves, n a few boxes would be good....

I should probably also include the soda cans... n trash n such....

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Backgrounds The Lab Part 3

Here is the entire Lab now, MINUS one super wide shot that I am still working on...

There is also one intense shot, of when action begins to go down and it gets darker and more moody. Hopefully in a day or two you'll be seeing the Lab in Action too... Then I'm going to work on something else, like the monster book or something... as to not burn out on there too quick and get work done fast...

Also, I'll obviously have to add that Timer into other shots....


Backgrounds The Lab Part 2

Here is some more of the Lab on the inside, before the chaos goes down! You'll see a few more later today as well, I just want to update them as I finish to show off these things. :D

Friday, June 25, 2010

Backgrounds The Lab Part 1

Hey Yo,

Here is the first interior background! This is the Lab back when the Tiger is a lil' baby, before everything gets destroyed. I'm not sure I'm happy bout the circuit board machinery, so that might change. I really like the rest though...

Backgrounds Exteriors Pt 1

Hey Hey Hey,

So here are a few of my backgrounds in progress. These first few are exteriors. NOW, It is very important to realize that all the exterior backgrounds will have heavy snow, wind, and rain effects going on in the finals shots (When I do some tests you'll see some more pics displaying that. So they will be darker, and more will be going on. SECONDLY, with these shots being composited in After Effects, I will be animating the clouds and such to move along screen, so never mind where they are now, for they will be more nicely laid out in "post".


(This one's got a bit of a lightning flash going on)