Thursday, April 22, 2010

More Character Art!

Here I am again, running through the characters. This time I've been working on expressions as well as opening up the dragons mouth (which was a lot harder to figure out than one might think).

However I think it's all going pretty well so far! I want to make a lil' logo for the blog soon too.....

An animatic will be up soon (as well as all the boards I've been drawing), as well as body drawings ( I know I know, I've really only been focusing on the heads so far)!!

The Dragon.....

Tiger and his Pa!

Test Shot of THE TIGER

This is a test shot, encompassing the color, effects, and sound that I would like to achieve. Ideally the final shot will look a lot like this one, only better!

The snow falling towards the ground took the most time to work out with AE particle effects, in the final however, I would like to have it torrent around him in the wind a bit.

Also I would like the dragons shadow to be longer (and obv have the Tiger look over in fear when it passes.... or should he never notice... maybe just a blink....)