Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Forsooth, The blog has moved!

Yes yes yes, The blog has moved from Tumblr to here.... solely because I couldn't get comments rolling on the site.


Here's the rough treatment again.

I'm boarding right now so hopefully boards and full full treatment will be up soon.


Dark Stormy Night. Mist and Fog Abounds.


… and in the abundance of atmosphere now stands The Tiger. Prepped for Battle. In the mist.

… A sound is heard.

Tigers eyes flash

RED eyes open WIDE behind him in the mist. A SOUND builds.

The Tiger

5 years later…

The Tiger, old and Wizend walks through the snow and across terrain until – he enters a tavern. He sits down for a drink. He is tired.

He notices a young lad looking over at him.

“What happened to you?”

The Tiger Exhales

(shown as monologue over scenes)

The tiger explains how when he was a baby his dad worked in a science lab, exploring space time travel, but accidentally created a monster that came through the time portal and ate him.

Then in the Tigers teen years the beast came back hunting the Tiger, now with a taste for tigers blood, but he successfully trapped it.

Then in early adult hood, he realized that if he could defeat the monster, he could be reunited with his dad, but in trying to destroy it it escaped and went back in time. The tiger followed through the tear in time to defeat it to save his father. (story present) However, he realized he was too weak on his own, so he ran, but the monster has been following him for 5 years to have the taste of tiger. However, if he ever wants to get home, he must defeat it, for his dad is the only one who can help him figure out the time travel.


Kid is surprised, but comforting.

SOUND is heard.

Tiger throws the kid to protection as the Monster comes tearing through the tavern

They battle, but the tiger is too weak.

However with the kids help together they defeat the monster, and he saves his father.

They reunite and are about to travel back to the present, but the realize the kid is an orphan.

They take him with them and start a happy, reunited, new family.

Track back. Fade out. Pleasant winter night.

Roll Credits

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